Top 24 Press Release Site List Sites

Top Press Release Site List Sites

01. Free News Release
02. Press Release Monkey – the Grapevine Starts Here
03. Information Matters – Press Base
04. Online Press Release Distribution Center
05. Free Press Release Submission Form
06. Press 411
07. Press Release Spider
08. Press Box
09. Press World
10. Express Press Release Distribution (Free)
11. Open Public Relations
12. UK and Global News Distribution
13. Promote Anything About Your Business
14. S B Wire
15. Strictly Business News
16. Publish your Story to the World
17. Free Press Release Center
18. Press Method
19. Free News Release Posting Service
20. Free Press Release Submission
21. Communicate News
22. Press Release Newswire
23. Accelerating Search Visibility
24. Global News Distribution

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2 Responses to “Top 24 Press Release Site List Sites”

  1. Phil Says:

    You had asked for suggestions for free press release sites.

    Just wanted to comment that not all free press release sites are worth using. Many of them are not worth the time it takes to submit a release. When I use a free press release distribution site, it needs to fit 4 criteria.

    1. It needs to be free
    2. It needs to feed their content to Google News at
    3. It needs to have a Google Pagerank greater than 4/10
    4. It needs to have fairly high traffic. I use to determine this and select site with rank greater than 200,000

    Currently I have a list of 15 sites that fit all 4 criteria. You can view the current list here:
    feel free to list any of the sites I have on your list.

    If you have suggestions for additional sites for me, don’t hesitate to post them to the comments section of the list and I’ll ad them.

    Many thanks,

  2. MothershipRider Says:

    Here is a free press release distribution site for anyone in the music industry:

    Mi2N is the largest online music newswire network serving over 40,000 industry professionals. Mi2N also features an innovative press release service that distributes through dozens of syndicated newswires, as well as blogs, forums, media and communities.

    Check out the free distribution at


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