11 Ways to Backup your del.icio.us bookmarks

Del.icio.us remains the grand-daddy of all the Social Bookmarking Services.
It was bought out by Yahoo but, it remains slow and has many outages.
Here are ways to backup your bookmarks for this 24×7 world.

Export to HTML format

  1. Login to del.icio.us
  2. on the right-hand-side navigation box, click Settings.
  3. click Export.
  4. check boxes for “include my tags” and “include my extended descriptions”.
  5. click Export HTML button.
  6. Save the page as .html file

You can use this file at :
BlinkList ||
Blogmarks.net ||
Feed Me Links ||
Furl.NET ||
Ma.gnolia ||
Shadows ||
Simpy ||
Spurl.NET ||
Yahoo! My Web 2.0 ||

Export to XML format

  1. Click this link; fill Login information
  2. save the resulting page as .xml file

You can use this file at:
BlinkList ||
Ma.gnolia ||
RawSugar ||
Yahoo! My Web 2.0 ||

Save to an Excel Sheet

  1. Download this Excel 2003
  2. Unzip and double-click on the deliciousbackup.xls file.
  3. Click Yes to enable the macro.
  4. Press the “Backup Del.icio.us” button.
  5. Enter your Username and Password.

Backup to your GMAIL account

How-to: Backup Del.icio.us to Gmail (requires Python 2.4)

Backup/Mirror to MySQL database

MySQLicious (requires PHP4, curl, MySQL, cron)

Backup with Ruby on Rails

SlashLinks : Own Your Del.icio.us Links! (requires Unix/Linus, Ruby on Rails)

Direct website-to-website del.icio.us bookmarks copy

These sites ask for your Usename and Password and use the API to copy all your bookmarks :
Blogmarks.net ||
Jots ||
Shadows ||
Simpy ||
Wink ||

Automatic Backup at RawSugar

Whenever you tag a URL into your del.icio.us account, it will automatically be added to your RawSugar directory : RawSugar

Spurl automatically updates del.icio.us

Every page you “spurl” will be added to your del.icio.us account as well : Spurl.NET

Synch del.icio.us and Firefox bookmarks

Foxylicious is a Mozilla Firefox extension that syncs your del.icio.us bookmarks into your browser bookmarks.

Start Using a Multi-Bookmarking Tool

OnlyWire : is a brilliant bookmarklet that lets you use 16 bookmarking services with one click.
Dump the del.icio.us bookmarklet and use it instead.

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