Top 10 Free Short URL Redirection Services

Sites that let you make short URL for long web addresses.


A few more Free Short URL Redirection Services


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55 Responses to “Top 10 Free Short URL Redirection Services”

  1. netthru Says:

    There is another site:

  2. echerk Says:

    Here’s another one:

    This one works with AJAX and let’s you pick your own suffix.

  3. boomie Says:

    another good one with a crazy theme is

  4. ccnetz Says:

    This one allows you to track how many hits too:

  5. maximator Says:

    Another site:

  6. shawnb Says:

    Here’s another one
    includes short url service and image hosting.

  7. shawnb Says:

    Here’s another on it’s a short url service and an image hosting service. Also tracks hits.

  8. webpost Says:

    Serviço de Short URL brasileiro.
    Brazilian free short URL redirection.

  9. elbow Says:

    A few more:

  10. rafer Says:

    Here is yet another one. It looks new but it has a snazzy interface.

  11. Janaros Says:

    Here is an other one:

  12. More on short URLs and are we going to see a new search engine developed by Short URL Redirection Services « Using IT Says:

    [...] Here is a list of Free Short URL Redirection Services. [...]

  13. FredL Says: – URL shortcuts with link statistics

  14. tbtb Says:

    I recommend on http://www, – a very easy, fast and cool short URL service.

  15. abwaters Says:

    Also try This one has some really nice features along with a ubiquity plugin, a google gadget and the toolbar button.

  16. shoxt Says: – extreme short url with masking

  17. arash Says: , Free Domain . , Free Short URL

  18. Social Media Marketing Strategy | URL Redirection | Jesse Liebman Says:

    [...] The rise of microblogs (Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku,, Yammer, ect.) has caused people to think in 140 characters or less. With so much to share it’s difficult to write something of substance that also provides a benefit to your followers. That is if you don’t incorporate the social media strategy of short URL redirection. [...]

  19. mushex.antaranian Says:

    and another one

  20. n0n3 Says: – New Free Short URL redirection service without ads.

  21. josh88212 Says:
    - Keep track of clicks with your short URLS – Cloaked redirection

  22. Múltiplos endereços num único link « Charles Cadé Weblog / Comunicação, tecnologia e criatividade [] Says:

    [...] 16, 2009 Há inúmeros sites que fazem o trabalho de reduzir o tamanho de um endereço eletrônico. Muitos jornais, por sinal, [...]

  23. plesiasaur Says:

    There are a lot of these sites. A few don’t even work any more. My favorite is … easy to remember and has some cool features.

  24. storis Says: – NN.NF
    Very easy to remember :)

  25. melolink Says:

    Do you want to short a URL address:

    the best way:

    It’s Something different!
    Use numbers instead of letters!
    No errors can be happened when you say your link!
    Don’t spell say your number!

  26. melolink Says:

    I don’t see any reason because is not in the TOP-10. :-(

  27. melolink Says:

  28. admin09 Says:

    Very Strange
    The best short URL service: is not in the list.
    It provides personalized short domains with statistics tracking.

  29. dessign Says:

    Another one

  30. jacksoking Says: is a good url redirection website too.
    and it owned by me

  31. TinyUrl, il miglior modo per accorciare il web « My Social Web Says:

    [...] ogni modo, anche dopo aver decantato le lodi di Tinyurl, vi suggerisco una buona lista di short url service: a voi la [...]

  32. mrbishi Says:

    Although URL shortening services are great for saving space, they do pose a problem as you don’t know where that URL takes you.

    With an increasing number of people using short links to deceive people into clicking on malicious links allows you to preview where your short link goes to stop you getting a nasty surprise when you get there.

  33. mrbti Says:

    Here’s another offering in the short URL scene: ( – A Simple short URL service for use with Twitter. —’s character limit makes it imposible to post a long URL or link in your Tweets. That’s where comes in. will take a long URL and turn it into a tiny one, so as not to use up the Twiter character limit! is quick, simple and free and has no random ‘gimmicks’ – just get what you need: a shorter URL!

  34. rb Says:

    For the shortest URLs, there is http://hé.pl

  35. Paul Prefers: The Case for Short and Tiny URLs Says:

    [...] found a rather comprehensive List of short URL Redirection Services, and I’m using some of them. But as you walkthrough that list, you’d see some of the [...]

  36. raenk Says:


    URL shortener that let’s you create custom links (shortened urls) with the choice of domain and your very own subdomain.

    Once signed up, you will have access to an admin panel for your domain and subdomain, the admin panel contains all shortened URLs created with your own subdomain and the times they’ve been hit, with the option to delete them.

  37. onlinecom Says:

    This is new, so nice names are free :)

    Nice short urls on subdomains, secured with password, also you can see stats.

  38. reedarvin Says:

    Check out [it-SEE-mee]. It allows you to put in your Google Adsense info so you get paid for clicks. Good stuff. First I’ve seen of this.

  39. marketing_guy Says:

    another site i’ve used is – A uk based site that allows you to customise your short url for seo purposes as well.

    also 1 click to post to twitter if you wanted

  40. Mik23 Says:

    I have found another great which some people use on Twitter because it has great stats by e_mail

  41. maar3amt Says:

    For me is the best one, work with http:// https:// ftp:// and ed2k:// links, private stats like all hits and unique hits, custom urls and more.

    The best regards

  42. Abbreviare gli URL è parte del linguaggio della condivisione. Anche per Google. || Says:

    [...] sintesi ed essenzialità sono ingredienti fondamentali di una stessa ricetta; non per niente gli URL shortener sono moltissimi e fra tutti, almeno su Twitter, domina, che fa della brevità le sua [...]

  43. Tech, Web, How to, Internet, Computer, Free Software, Tips, Make Money Online with AhTim Says:

    Best 20 Free Short URL Redirection Services…

    I hate looong long URL. I believe in simple is beauty. As you see, I setup my blog without prefix “www” was due to this reason. The naked domain URL make me easier to remember by you all.
    Somehow, not all people use short domain URL. Plus t…

  44. mr.melodies Says:

    Hello, I See :
    Best Short URL
    I Very Like…..Thank you!

  45. danielatik Says:

    I develop in only one day. It’s a shorten URL redirector, simple, fast and includes statistics :)

  46. proxy Says:

    Don’t forget
    It doesn’t require any signups, its free & it allows you to post ur own adsense or banners.

    Custom OR Generated urls!

  47. TinyUrl, il miglior modo per accorciare il web | My Social Web Says:

    [...] ogni modo, anche dopo aver decantato le lodi di Tinyurl, vi suggerisco una buona lista di short url service: a voi la [...]

  48. tramsguy Says:

    Here is one our my favorite
    It comes with a clean Control Panel and you get to keep track of all your link as well.

    There is a Cool feature when you use the Cloak feature as it will hide the actual URL from being display on your browser. You get to change the Title and some MetaKeywords too.

    They even got Special Mail Link as well which I think is very useful when I sent out offers to my mail list.

    And you get to do all these for free.
    Check it out at is just like what it says on its website – The Only Redirection Service You Ever Need
    Have a Great Day!

  49. sdmn Says:

    New service to shorten urls! – no ads! no captchas! and superfast!

  50. FarmerBob Says: – simple, fast, to the point URL redirection!

  51. Nagisa Sasheiko Says:

    Just recently found out about What really attracted me about are:-

    1) URL Masking
    2) URL Rotators service (add unlimited urls on a single shortened subdomain)
    2) Path forwarding.
    3) Traffic Analysis (by time, country, unique/raw visits).
    4) They even allow unlimited number of POP3 email addresses on the shortened subdomain.
    5) Eight choices for in their network,,,,,,, (from their website)

    It looks okay, give it a try.

  52. goodstuff Says:

    This is the best Shortest Url ever!
    No more than 6 characters in the entire URL

  53. valentinc Says:

    I use
    Very easy service, try it now!

  54. valentincrys Says:

    Here is another one! . Free, easy to use, just try it!

  55. mrbti Says:

    Here is another offering: . Get a custom short URL like “”. Advanced features like URL password protection, visitor counter, masked redirection (hide the destination URL). You can also shorten up to 4 URLs at once.

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