Top 10 Hard Drive Recovery Services

Recover your data from failing hard drives. Call these services.

If your hard drive makes noises, is unable to read data or you need to recover your valuable data,
shut down the computer, remove the hard drive, and call any of these data recovery services.

  1. Secure Data Recovery Services : 800-388-1266
  2. Salvage Data Recovery Service : 800-970-7188
  3. ADR Data Recovery : 800-450-9282
  4. DTI Data : 866-438-6932
  5. Disk Doctors : 800-347-5377
  6. DriveSavers Data Recovery : 800-440-1904
  7. Eco Data Recovery : 800-339-3412
  8. Gillware Inc. Data Recovery : 877-624-7206
  9. InterData Recovery Services, Inc. : 800-709-0326
  10. Midwest Data Recovery : 866-786-2595

A few more Hard Drive Recovery Services

  1. Optimum Data Recovery : 800-580-4959
  2. Stellar Information Systems : 866-978-0600
  3. Vioplex Data Recovery Services : 888-254-5823
  4. WeRecoverData : 866-400-DATA

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Hard Drive Recovery Services”

  1. Technical Lists : Technical Lists : eConsultant Says:

    [...] Hard Drive Recovery Services (13 links) [...]

  2. jtsmith Says:

    Also CBL Data Recovery Technologies, I found them to be professional and cheaper than the other companies listed.

  3. promisedata Says:

    Promise Data Recoery : (800)701-0756

  4. justlivinthedream Says:

    I can personally vouch for Gillware. I finally came across and found an amazing company. There are no up front costs and you only pay if they recover the data you want. Their average fees are between $380-$680. It was nice to see a list of the files they recovered prior to payment. I first sent my drive to another company… don’t make that expensive mistake

    Gillware Rocks!

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